Data Center Consolidation


Data centers are purpose-built facilities capable of housing quantities of computer systems, data storage, network systems, and other adjunct systems. Data centers are designed provide a secure environment with redundant electrical powering, network infrastructure and cooling. Data centers are built in all shapes, sizes, and with all types of capabilities.

In today’s economy, most enterprises are rethinking their plans to build or expand their internal data centers and are instead considering the use of third-party collocation data centers for their critical IT systems. Many industries, such as healthcare, are experiencing dramatic growth in their need for easily available data storage systems, along with the concentrated power and secure space to operate these systems.

JMI has extensive experience in assessingplanningsourcing, building, and operating data centers and collocation service facilities. This experience includes assisting clients in the consolidation of large data center systems for the purposes of improved service and reduced cost, as well as sourcing new collocation services while reducing costs through competitive procurement.

  • Data Center and IT Infrastructure Assessment
    • Current State Assessment
    • Cost Baseline
    • Benchmark
    • Optimization
  • Data Center and IT Infrastructure Strategic Planning
    • Needs Analysis
    • Scenario Planning
    • Roadmap Development
  • Data Center and IT Infrastructure Sourcing and Implementation
    • Sourcing Preparation
    • Competitive Sourcing Management
    • Implementation Management
      • Project Management
      • Technical Engineering
      • Staff Augmentation